Freeze Dried Fruits

Freeze dried fruits presented reduced moisture when compared to fresh fruits, they still present higher amounts of vitamins and minerals when compared to dehydrated fruits. Our best seller is Freeze-dried Mangosteen and Freeze dried durian are the must you have to try. Lyophilized and dehydrated fruits have the benefit of being easy to transport and store. In this way, they can be carried in the bag when you leave home, on the go, at work, at school, and at college without worrying about temperature-controlled storage.

Freeze-dried fruits can be great choices and can replace fresh fruits in some situations. However, despite the ease of transport and some benefits, it is not recommended that you replace the consumption of fresh fruits by the consumption of freeze-dried fruits at all times. This is because fresh fruits are very important in our diet, one of which is the water supply, as an important factor in the hydration of the body.

Individuals who wants to lose weight in a healthy and practical way can opt for freeze-dried fruits, only need to pay attention to the caloric value and consume small portions per day – as the nutrients are concentrated, even with small portions nutrition.