Dried Mango natural taste 210g.

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Dried Mango  soft and tender have plenty of benefits. Such as Calcium is present in a good amount in dried mango slices, which helps in maintaining the health of the teeth and strengthens the bones. So you can include a slice of dehydrated mango every day to increase your calcium supply.

Also, Carbohydrate is essential for supplying energy to the body. The sugar in dried mango low sugar slices serves as a source of energy for the brain and ensures that it is working properly.

Dried mango may not have plenty of minerals however, it still not contribute to mineral intake per day by providing with 2% iron in your daily consumption. Iron is very important for the transport of oxygen to the blood and the storage of oxygen in muscle tissues.

Dehydrated dried mango slices benefits:

  • 100% natural real fruit
  • Fiber Source
  • Ready for consumption

Shelf life 12 months

Net WT. 210g.

Packed 22 pcs/carton

Consumer recommendation:

Ideal to be consumed at any time of day, as a nutritious healthy snack option.


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Weight 210 kg
Dimensions 3 × 14 × 21 cm